RFID Pathways Will Bring Mobility and Freedom to the Blind & Visually impaired

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We build RFID solutions for Autonomy.

We came to the realization the same technology could be used to improve the lives and mobility of the Visually Impaired. 


How It Works

RFID Tags are placed along the pathways that people take everyday. i.e. sidewalks, hallways, subway stations, Office buildings and Hospitals. These tags communicate with an RFID reader which is built into Guide Canes or attached to the user by other mechanisms. The RFID reader communicates with an ear piece wirelessly giving accurate directions, addresses, office numbers etc.


Our Goals

We create technology to improve people's lives. We Build RFID Pathways which are interpreted by RFID readers and software, which translates the RFID data  into clear audio information. This gives precise location, directions, addresses, office numbers and more to the visually impaired. This will broaden their horizons. It will offer them the freedom of mobility that most take for granted.

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